Collection on Swinford Toll Bridge raises a record amount

May 29th, 2017

Swinford collection 2017 The Oxfordshire Branch of the MND Association received an invitation to use the Swinford Toll Bridge this year on one of their Bank Holiday Charity days – May 29th. Many of the 24 volunteers had helped with the 2015 collection. They included members of the John Radcliffe the MND team and the Radcliffe Orchestra, and of the Oxfordshire branch of the MND Association and Oxford Sailability, and many were friends of Mark Stone and Jacqueline Johnson. Once again Rachael (see photo) and Bob Marsden bravely helped to blow up the balloons and start the collection at 7am. Anthony and Mimi Shepherd came again with their daughter Céline and son Pierre. Kevin O’Neill and Jill Garner had not collected on the bridge before, but Mike Beaumont (treasurer) and Gill Scott again manned the last two-hour shift (7 to 9 pm) and took away the money for final counting.

Although the weather was overcast all day and the awareness campaigns surrounding the film premier of ‘The Theory of Everything” were a rather distant memory this time, the collection was actually more successful than the one in 2015 and a total of £2,271.55 was sent to the Oxfordshire branch of the MND Association.
Jane Houchin (Oxfordshire Branch supporter)

Many thanks to everyone involved and especially to Jane for organising this very successful event.