Other links

The following table provides quick access to a number of recommended websites. If you have suggestions for other sites that might be of interest to those with MND, their families, friends, or carers, please send details to administrator@mndassociation.org, or contact our Branch Secretary.

Centre for Enablement Link to the Oxford Centre for Enablement at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford
youreable Provides advice and guidance on assistive technology and services for people with a disability; living with a disability; news with a disability bias and a community forum.
abilitynet A national charity working with the MND Association for IT solutions and loan equipment, software and so on. You can download their latest newsletter here.
Motability A national charity that supervises the Government’s Motability Scheme that is designed to help disabled people meet the cost of having a car, powered wheelchair or scooter, through contract hire or hire purchase schemes
Transport for All Link to the Oxfordshire county Council website that provides details of services on public transport for the disabled. Contact: 01865 251946 or email: neil.timberlake@oxfordshire.gov.uk
Carers Benefit On-line A DirectGov web site with advice, guidance and a facility to apply on-line for allowances for people with disabilities and those who care for them
RADAR The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR) is a national organisation run by and working for disabled people that fast tracks your opinions and concerns to policy makers in Westminster and Whitehall
Dial UK A Disability Helpline. The national organisation for a network of approximately 130 local disability information and advice services run by and for disabled people
Disabled Holiday Directory The Disabled Holiday Directory (DHD) specialises in assisting disabled people find a holiday that will cater for their specific needs
Vitalise Vitalise (formerly Winged Fellowship Trust) is a national disability charity providing breaks for disabled adults, children and their carers at five accessible UK Centres in Cornwall, Nottingham, Southport, Essex and Southampton.
MND leaflet The MND Association has Information Sheets on Holidays, Car Hire and Insurance. You can download the June 2008 leaflet here or obtain a copy by email from: care@mndassociation.org
ITCH The purpose of ITCH (Information Technology Can Help) is to offer computer assistance to individuals with disabilities by providing volunteers who will visit disabled people in their homes and at other locations such as day centres
REMAP REMAP is a national charitable organisation engaged in the design and provision of specialised technical aids for disabled people
Disabled Living Foundation A national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of daily living equipment and mobility products for disabled adults and children, older people, their carers and families.
DeNDRoNDeNDRoN The Dementias and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network, is a national initiative set up by the Department of Health to ensure that doctors, nurses, patients, carers, researchers, funders, academics and NHS trusts work effectively together to improve the quality of research on dementia and neurodegenerative diseases across the UK. The latest issue of their 6-monthly Newsletter is available to download here.
health talk on-line Health Talk On-line (formerly known as DIPEx) provides detailed information on various aspects of living with MND. In addition you can watch, listen to or read interviews with a number of people with MND, and find reliable information on treatment choices and where to find support
Recorded talk Discussion on clinical aspects of Motor Neurone Disease by Dr. Kevin Talbot – Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford. Dr. Talbot is a Consultant Neurologist and Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Clinical Neurology at the University of Oxford. He is also Director of the Oxford Motor Neurone Disease Care and Research Centre at the John Radcliffe.
build-uk.net A web site aiming to build a network for those who are living with MND. Forums allow views to be given on a number of MND related issues. Site is not complete but contains useful information.
Books and Articles
My Donkeybody Personal account of living with MND by Michael Wenham (Monarch, 2008). See the article by Michael Wenham in the April 2008 issue of our newsletter
The Carer’s Handbook Book by Jane Mathews (howtobooks, 2007). Essential information and support for all those in a caring role